Full Tilt Ice Cream

First Visit: November 2017

  • “Pumpkin Oreo”: Meh
  • “Bacon Pancake”: Meh, cold bacon was weird
  • U-District: No, really small
  • Parking: Yeah, small lot behind
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah, closes one to were I live
  • Next Visit: different flavors

Second Visit: December 2017

  • “Chocolate w/ Coconut Milk”: Yeah, thick and rich
  • “Coffee Toffee w/ Almond”: Nah, very weak having it next to the Chocolate w/ Coconut Milk
  • White Center: Yeah, they have some arcade games and seating
  • Parking: Street, back-in angled parking
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah, if I’m in the area
  • Next Visit: different flavors

Third Visit: U-District: February 2018

(Disclosure: this is the start of 4 unique flavors, different at each location except Cap Hill, that ran for a week)

  • “Tea Party” (Earl Gray ice cream w/ Lavender and Honey swirl): Yes
  • Lowerider Baking Co. Cookies:
    • “Cookies and Cream”: No
    • “Red Velvet”: Nah
  • Next Visit: want to try a coffee shake

Fourth Visit: White Center: February 2018

  • “Mud Honey”: Yes
  • “Peanut Butter Blonde”: Yeah
  • “Coconut Chocolate Chai”: Sure, but I could see other people really liking this
  • “Bourbon Toffee”: Sure
  • Next Visit: try the chocolate covered bacon topping

Fifth Visit: February 2018

  • “Vegan Banana Cream Pie” (w/ banana chunks and pie crust): Yes
  • “Pomegranate Dark Chocolate”: Yes
  • ” Vegan Balsamic Strawberry”: Yes
  • “Avocado Fudge Swirl”: Sure, flavor was too subtle, this was the one I was looking forward to the most and ended up liking the least
  • Ballard: Yeah, it’s got a hand full of pinball machine and some other arcade games
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah
  • Next Visit: different flavors
    • I’m noticing I’m really liking the vegan ice creams from Full Tilt

Sixth Visit: U-District: February 2018

(Disclosure: had a coupon ending today and wanted to see if there was an update on the flavor contest as well, answer: no update there is still scoops left of the non-winners that need to be finished)

  • “Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel”: Yes
  • “Vegan Almond Joy”: Yes, very fluffy and marshmallow like
    • these two flavors worked well mixed together, getting you an Almond Coconut Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel flavor and you get a hybrid of dense “normal” ice cream and the light airiness of there vegan ice cream
  • there vegan flavors have a very nice consistency and mouth feel


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