Salt & Straw

Disclosure: I’ve been to a couple of the shops in Portland and the Arts District one in LA and I do find their ice cream really good.

First Visit: February 2018

Disclosure: This was Day Zero for Salt & Straw in Seattle, they were giving out $1 scoops on a cart right outside the shop and I waited in line for a while, so I took advantage of this deal.

  • “Fran’s Almond Gold Bar”: Yes
  • “Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons”: Yes
  • “Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache”: Yes
  • “Elm Coffee & Westland Whiskey”: Yes, there is somehow a difference between this and really good coffee ice cream, normal coffee ice cream taste like ice cream with coffee flavor added, this tasted like the coffee and ice cream were in marriage together, a bond that made this stand out from all other coffee ice creams
  • Service: Yes, they gave out sample even during this event
  • Next Visit: different flavors

Second Visit: February 2018

Disclosure: This was Day One, there official opening in Ballard, Seattle.

  • “Theo’s Big Daddy S’mores”: Yes, hands down best version of any ice cream related/similar to rocky road flavor
  • “Ellenos Yogurt & Matcha”: Sure, don’t think it was fully fair as this scoop was below the other, Theo’s Big Daddy S’mores was so good and the chocolate was so overpowering that the matcha and yogurt couldn’t compete afterwards, I will have to get this again sometime just on its own
  • “Waffle Cone”: Sure, I don’t understand the hype of waffle cones anywhere
  • Ballard: Yeah, cute spot with some seating
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yes, they go out of there way to make sure you have a great experience
  • Return: Yes
  • Next Visit: more flavors off the “Seattle Chocolatier Series”

Third Visit: February 2018

  • “White Chocolate”: Sure
  • Capitol Hill: Yeah
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yes
  • Return: Yes
  • Next Visit: monthly flavors

Fourth Visit: Ballard: February 2018

  • “Green Basil”: Yes

Fifth Visit: Ballard: February 2018

  • “Pure Bar”: Yeah, strong not as sweet, like bitter dark chocolate
  • “Chocolate”: Yes, good sweet chocolate

Sixth Visit: Capitol Hill: February 2018

  • “RGB”: Yeah, more creamy than sorbety, less tang than Molly Moon’s version, I liked this one better and it’s year round, but Molly Moon’s tastes more true to drinking a RGB

Seventh Visit: Ballard: March 2018

  • “Almond Brittle”: Yes, might like this one more except the ganache, I’m not use to ganache and if they swapped it with brownie pieces it would be killer
  • “Fran’s”: Yes, I’ve now had the bar on it’s own and understand the flavors of this ice cream better
  • Overall of the two: Fran’s is better

Eighth Visit: Capitol Hill: March 2018

  • “Theo’s Big Daddy S’more”: Yes, I’ve had the candy bar on it’s own and this ice cream version is way better, because S&S adds their own caramel, and other ingredients, it’s not just the candy bar mixed with ice cream, this flavor should be permanent!

Ninth Visit: Ballard: April 2018

  • “Chocolate Caramel Potato Chip Cupcake”: Yes
  • “Smoked Sea Salt w/ Chocolate-Covered Feuilletine”: Sure, never had feuilletine before and didn’t know what they were, but feuilletine covered it chocolate was really hard and didn’t have much flavor or sweetness and there was too much of it mixed into the ice cream

Tenth Visit: Capitol Hill: April 2018

  • “Pots of Gold”: Yes, I did not grow up eating Lucky Charms but this is still really good
  • “Meyer Lemon”: Yeah, the mix of ice cream, lemon, and marshmallow was interesting and overall good

Eleventh Visit: Capitol Hill: May 2018

  • “Sweet Corn”: Yeah

Twelfth Visit: Capitol Hill: May 2018

  • Tasting Flight: In Order from Best to Good
    • “Chocolate Rose Pedal”: Yes
    • “Rhubarb”: Yeah, certain bites Yes
    • “Orange”: Yeah, refreshing
    • “Steven Smith”: Yeah, it’s good but a Sure when compared to all the rest at once, the flavor was to subtle

Thirteenth Visit: Ballard: May 2018

  • “Wildflower Honey”: Yes
  • “Chocolate Rose Pedal”: Yes


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