Lowrider Baking Co.

First Taste: Full Tilt U-District: February 2018

  • “Cookies and Cream”: No
  • “Red Velvet”: Nah
    • my guess is both of these were not the freshest and have probably been at this location for a few days if not longer but they shouldn’t be selling them once they go stale
  • Next Visit: will not get the cookies again, just ice cream

Second Taste: Pop-Up w/in Optimism Brewing Company: February 2018

  • Chocolate Chip: Yeah, heated up even better
  • Birthday Cake: Yeah, heated up even better
  • Chocolate w/ Cherries: Yeah, normal and heated
  • Strawberries and Cream: Yeah, normal and heated
    • these I could tell were way more fresh then the first taste as she had specifically baked for this pop-up
    • will only get these at pop-up or if I know a Full Tilt location just got them in
  • Service: Yeah, she was very friendly
  • Next Visit: Peanut Butter


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