Molly Moon’s

First Visit: September 2017

  • “Salted Caramel”: Nah
  • “Cookie Dough”: Sure
  • U-Village: Sure, small
  • Parking: Sure, big lot but good luck trying to find an open spot
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Sure, if I’m at U-Village already
  • Next Visit: different flavor

Second Visit: November 2017

  • “Scout Mint”: Sure
  • “Maple Walnut”: Sure
  • Queen Anne: Yeah
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Sure, if I’m in the area
  • Next Visit: different flavor, see if I can find one I really like

Third Visit: November 2017

  • “Pumpkin Clove”: Yeah
  • “Vegan Horchata”: No
  • Redmond: Yeah
  • Parking: Street and small back lot
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah, if in the area
  • Next Visit: would like to find a flavor that wows me

Fourth Visit: February 2018

  • “Blood Orange RGB Sorbet”: Yeah, like a melted popsicle, w/ slight ginger bite at the end, just like drinking RGB. why not have this in the summer it would be so good
  • Wallingford: Sure, small
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah, closes to where I live
  • Next Visit: seasonal flavors

Fifth Visit: Wallingford: February 2018

  • “Melted Chocolate”: Yeah, borderline more milk chocolate taste
  • “Vegan Melted Chocolate”: Yeah, taste richer than the normal, more like dark chocolate, also silkier texture/mouth feel
  • Next Visit: seasonal

Sixth Visit: Queen Anne: February 2018

  • “Mexican Chocolate”: Yes, my favorite Molly Moon flavor I’ve had so far, didn’t think I would like this one at all but the spices were not overpowering and the chocolate was not too rich or too light
  • “Sweet Cream”: Yes, has an interesting finish but not bad
    • these surprisingly did not work well mixed together they dulled the flavor of each other and what made them good on their own
  • Service: Yes
  • Next Visit: start getting the sweet cream but with a different topping each time and seasonal flavors as always
    • I think Molly Moon’s is finally starting to grow on me
    • I’ve notice their ice cream is really cold./hard and does not melt as fast as other companies, I just need to have some patience with theirs to let it soften up, as I feel slightly melted ice cream taste better because it coats the tongue better

Seventh Visit: March 2018

  • “Molasses Cream Cookie”: Sure, strong molasses flavor which I guess I’m not a fan of, but it’s true to it’s name (also not the biggest fan of ginger) and it did start to grow on me the more I ate it
  • “Optimism Fudge Porter”: Yeah, really good creamy chocolate but I didn’t get any hints that this was from beer to make it special beside the name
  • Columbia City: Yeah, I like how they have a big window into the back so you can see where they prep/make the ice cream
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah
  • Next Visit: an everyday flavor and/or toppings


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