August 2018

  • “Potato and “fancy” Bacon” Pizza: Yeah
  • “Cinnamon Roll”: Yeah
  • “Margarita Pizza”: Yeah, light, airy, and crispy with almost no crust
  • “Custard Pastry”: Nah, Bread was slightly dry with no flavor, it entirely relied on the custard which was just okay
  • —-pizza is good but completely over priced at around $8.50 for a rectangular slice they cut into 6 little squares
  • SLU on Westlake: Yeah, indoor and outdoor seating. But also caotic because there is no line like the Starbucks store in the headquarters and nowhere to wait for your food either
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Next Visit: sandwich or lagsauna and a cookie

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