August 2018 “Potato and “fancy” Bacon” Pizza: Yeah “Cinnamon Roll”: Yeah “Margarita Pizza”: Yeah, light, airy, and crispy with almost no crust “Custard Pastry”: Nah, Bread was slightly dry with no flavor, it entirely relied on the custard which was just okay —-pizza is good but completely over priced at around $8.50 for a rectangularContinue reading “Princi”

Macrina Bakery

First Visit: February 2018 “Cinnamon Apple Fall-Apart”: Sure, I feel it would have been way better if I had gotten it heated up “Coffee”: Yeah, free refills SoDo: Yeah Work Ambiance: Sure, it’s busy, high ceilings, ordering is done in the middle of the store so waiting customers are kind of floating around everywhere Parking:Continue reading “Macrina Bakery”

Ghost Note Coffee

First Visit: February 2018 “Lush Life”: Yes “Hazelnut Brownie”: Yeah Capitol Hill: Sure, felt like construction wasn’t done yet on the inside Space for Work: Sure, somewhat small, multiple bar height tables Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yes, love the unique drinks they make Next Visit: whatever special sounds good