Little Neon Taco

August 2018 “Little Chip & Dip w/ queso”: Yeah “Carnitas Taco”: YEAH “Seasonal Veggie Taco”: YEAH Location: Yeah Parking: Limited street near by Service: Yeah Next Visit: come during non happy hour for a more full menu Happy hour menu: carnitas taco $2, veggie $3, chips $4 not a lot of chips, chip refills areContinue reading “Little Neon Taco”

Molly Moon’s

First Visit: September 2017 “Salted Caramel”: Nah “Cookie Dough”: Sure U-Village: Sure, small Parking: Sure, big lot but good luck trying to find an open spot Service: Yeah Return: Sure, if I’m at U-Village already Next Visit: different flavor Second Visit: November 2017 “Scout Mint”: Sure “Maple Walnut”: Sure Queen Anne: Yeah Parking: Street Service:Continue reading “Molly Moon’s”

Lowrider Baking Co.

First Taste: Full Tilt U-District: February 2018 “Cookies and Cream”: No “Red Velvet”: Nah my guess is both of these were not the freshest and have probably been at this location for a few days if not longer but they shouldn’t be selling them once they go stale Next Visit: will not get the cookiesContinue reading “Lowrider Baking Co.”

Tipsy Cow

First Visit: December 2017 “Maple Bacon”: Yeah, this was unique! “Tipsy Burger”: Sure, didn’t seem to special, also I’m not use to Beecher’s Flagship White Cheddar cheese yet “Fries”: Sure, I appreciated that they were hot, but boring overall “Northwest Berry Shake”: Nah Redmond: Yeah Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Sure, I’d like to giveContinue reading “Tipsy Cow”

Diamond Knot

First Visit: January 2018 “Porter Pulled Pork Tot-chos”: Nah “Stuffed Knot Tots”: Yeah, get a couple of these to share to start the meal Mukilteo (Brewery & Alehouse): Yeah, throw your peanut shells on the floor Parking: Sure, lots of paid parking spots Service: Yeah Return: Sure, if I’m in the area Next Visit: getContinue reading “Diamond Knot”

Full Tilt Ice Cream

First Visit: November 2017 “Pumpkin Oreo”: Meh “Bacon Pancake”: Meh, cold bacon was weird U-District: No, really small Parking: Yeah, small lot behind Service: Yeah Return: Yeah, closes one to were I live Next Visit: different flavors Second Visit: December 2017 “Chocolate w/ Coconut Milk”: Yeah, thick and rich “Coffee Toffee w/ Almond”: Nah, veryContinue reading “Full Tilt Ice Cream”

Li’l Woody’s

First Visit: December 2017 “The New Mexican”: Sure, felt like it was only good because of the queso “Fries”: Yes Ballard: Sure, uncomfortably too open, just rectangular and very boxy Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yeah Next Visit: try a different burger so I can’t use the queso as an excuse Second Visit: February 2018Continue reading “Li’l Woody’s”

Lunchbox Laboratory

First Visit: February 2018 “47/53” added a fried egg: Yeah “Mac Fries”: Yes, there cheese sauce is awesome Bellevue: Yeah Parking: Yes, underground Service: Yeah Return: Yeah, don’t like to talk about price but really expensive for the small size of the burger Next Visit: burger special and a shake  

Ghost Note Coffee

First Visit: February 2018 “Lush Life”: Yes “Hazelnut Brownie”: Yeah Capitol Hill: Sure, felt like construction wasn’t done yet on the inside Space for Work: Sure, somewhat small, multiple bar height tables Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yes, love the unique drinks they make Next Visit: whatever special sounds good  

Taco Time

First Visit: February 2018 “Classic Burrito w/ Chicken”: No “Hot Sauce”: No, taste more like ketchup than salsa “Crustos”: Nah Wallingford: Yes Parking: Yes, small lot Service: Yeah Return: Nah, if i’m feeling quick , low quality Mexican food Next Visit: “Taco Burger”, try a different meat  


Disclosure: I’ve been to multiple “Baskin-Robbins” before, I wanted to go to one now because Seattle is known for all these small local ice cream shops so I wanted to compare them to a national chain First PNW Visit: January 2018 “Bobsled Brownie”: Nah Shoreline: Sure Parking; Yes Service: Yeah Return: Nah, unless I’m reallyContinue reading “Baskin-Robbins”


Disclosure: I’ve been to Yogurtland many times in Southern and Northern California, for a little while I was proud and slightly ashamed to be at the Platinum reward level having gone fairly frequently. So the overall experience is not new, even though I am in a new location. First PNW Visit: January 2018 “Oreo CookiesContinue reading “Yogurtland”

Bluebird Ice Cream

First Visit: January 2018 “Snickerdoodle”: Yeah “Pumpkin”: Yeah Phinney Ridge: Nah Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yes Next Visit: try other flavors and get a beer Second Visit: February 2018 “Maple Honey Crunch” (ice cream): Yeah “Borderline Kolsch” (beer): Yeah not really here to review the taste of beer specifically, even though I thought itContinue reading “Bluebird Ice Cream”