Little Neon Taco

August 2018 “Little Chip & Dip w/ queso”: Yeah “Carnitas Taco”: YEAH “Seasonal Veggie Taco”: YEAH Location: Yeah Parking: Limited street near by Service: Yeah Next Visit: come during non happy hour for a more full menu Happy hour menu: carnitas taco $2, veggie $3, chips $4 not a lot of chips, chip refills areContinue reading “Little Neon Taco”


July 2018 “Bacon Brie Burger”: YEAH, I was afraid the fruit and brie would overpower but it ended up being the opposite in which they didn’t put enough of either and you could barley taste them over the delicious, juicyness of the patty “IPA Battered Fries”: Yes, but they barely give you any “Classic VanillaContinue reading “BRGR Bar”

Rain City Burgers

February 2018 “Sounders Burger”: Yeah, I feel it could be better with an extra patty and extra cream cheese “Fries”: Yeah “Macadamia Nut Shake”: Yes, I’ve never seen or had this as milkshake flavor before and it’s awesome Roosevelt: Yeah Parking: Sure, there is a parking lot across the street for Whole Foods and other shops on that blockContinue reading “Rain City Burgers”

Tipsy Cow

First Visit: December 2017 “Maple Bacon”: Yeah, this was unique! “Tipsy Burger”: Sure, didn’t seem to special, also I’m not use to Beecher’s Flagship White Cheddar cheese yet “Fries”: Sure, I appreciated that they were hot, but boring overall “Northwest Berry Shake”: Nah Redmond: Yeah Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Sure, I’d like to giveContinue reading “Tipsy Cow”

Diamond Knot

First Visit: January 2018 “Porter Pulled Pork Tot-chos”: Nah “Stuffed Knot Tots”: Yeah, get a couple of these to share to start the meal Mukilteo (Brewery & Alehouse): Yeah, throw your peanut shells on the floor Parking: Sure, lots of paid parking spots Service: Yeah Return: Sure, if I’m in the area Next Visit: getContinue reading “Diamond Knot”