April 2018 “Chocolate Popcorn”: Yeah, it’s not popcorn dipped or covered in chocolate, it’s got a sugar like chocolate coating. It’s very addictive but also repeative in taste, I would try the mix of traditional and chocolate next time to get the balance of savory and sweet Downtown: a movie theater w/ one screen, itContinue reading “Cinerama”

Molly Moon’s

First Visit: September 2017 “Salted Caramel”: Nah “Cookie Dough”: Sure U-Village: Sure, small Parking: Sure, big lot but good luck trying to find an open spot Service: Yeah Return: Sure, if I’m at U-Village already Next Visit: different flavor Second Visit: November 2017 “Scout Mint”: Sure “Maple Walnut”: Sure Queen Anne: Yeah Parking: Street Service:Continue reading “Molly Moon’s”

Kurt Farm Shop

First Visit: February 2018 “Karamel”: Yeah I sampled the “Jersey Cream”, which is the base for all their ice creams, and the texture seemed better than the “Karamael” but it could have just been the fact that it was a small sample taste and not a full scoop. Capitol Hill: No, hidden on the firstContinue reading “Kurt Farm Shop”

Lowrider Baking Co.

First Taste: Full Tilt U-District: February 2018 “Cookies and Cream”: No “Red Velvet”: Nah my guess is both of these were not the freshest and have probably been at this location for a few days if not longer but they shouldn’t be selling them once they go stale Next Visit: will not get the cookiesContinue reading “Lowrider Baking Co.”