Rain City Burgers

February 2018 “Sounders Burger”: Yeah, I feel it could be better with an extra patty and extra cream cheese “Fries”: Yeah “Macadamia Nut Shake”: Yes, I’ve never seen or had this as milkshake flavor before and it’s awesome Roosevelt: Yeah Parking: Sure, there is a parking lot across the street for Whole Foods and other shops on that blockContinue reading “Rain City Burgers”

Diamond Knot

First Visit: January 2018 “Porter Pulled Pork Tot-chos”: Nah “Stuffed Knot Tots”: Yeah, get a couple of these to share to start the meal Mukilteo (Brewery & Alehouse): Yeah, throw your peanut shells on the floor Parking: Sure, lots of paid parking spots Service: Yeah Return: Sure, if I’m in the area Next Visit: getContinue reading “Diamond Knot”

Macrina Bakery

First Visit: February 2018 “Cinnamon Apple Fall-Apart”: Sure, I feel it would have been way better if I had gotten it heated up “Coffee”: Yeah, free refills SoDo: Yeah Work Ambiance: Sure, it’s busy, high ceilings, ordering is done in the middle of the store so waiting customers are kind of floating around everywhere Parking:Continue reading “Macrina Bakery”

Northlake Tavern & Pizza House

First Visit: February 2018 “Logger Special”: Yeah, this pizza was stacked! like a less thick version of a deep dish “Chicken Nibblers”: Sure, thought these were deep fried it was just grilled chicken strips Near U-District: Yeah Parking: Yeah, some in front Service: Yeah Return: Yeah Next Visit: another pizza, Zesty Chicken possibly. Wednesdays cheapContinue reading “Northlake Tavern & Pizza House”

Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

First Visit: February 2018 “Cheeseburger & Fries”: Yeah Cheeseburger: Yeah, make sure to eat it upside down as they put the veggies above the meat Fries: Sure, your typical fries, they’re good nothing special “Deep Fried Cheese Curds”: Yeah they do get very salty though, have something sweet to balance them out, the garlic aioli they cameContinue reading “Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge”

Li’l Woody’s

First Visit: December 2017 “The New Mexican”: Sure, felt like it was only good because of the queso “Fries”: Yes Ballard: Sure, uncomfortably too open, just rectangular and very boxy Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yeah Next Visit: try a different burger so I can’t use the queso as an excuse Second Visit: February 2018Continue reading “Li’l Woody’s”