April 2018 “Chocolate Popcorn”: Yeah, it’s not popcorn dipped or covered in chocolate, it’s got a sugar like chocolate coating. It’s very addictive but also repeative in taste, I would try the mix of traditional and chocolate next time to get the balance of savory and sweet Downtown: a movie theater w/ one screen, itContinue reading “Cinerama”

Li’l Woody’s

First Visit: December 2017 “The New Mexican”: Sure, felt like it was only good because of the queso “Fries”: Yes Ballard: Sure, uncomfortably too open, just rectangular and very boxy Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yeah Next Visit: try a different burger so I can’t use the queso as an excuse Second Visit: February 2018Continue reading “Li’l Woody’s”

Ghost Note Coffee

First Visit: February 2018 “Lush Life”: Yes “Hazelnut Brownie”: Yeah Capitol Hill: Sure, felt like construction wasn’t done yet on the inside Space for Work: Sure, somewhat small, multiple bar height tables Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yes, love the unique drinks they make Next Visit: whatever special sounds good  

Taco Time

First Visit: February 2018 “Classic Burrito w/ Chicken”: No “Hot Sauce”: No, taste more like ketchup than salsa “Crustos”: Nah Wallingford: Yes Parking: Yes, small lot Service: Yeah Return: Nah, if i’m feeling quick , low quality Mexican food Next Visit: “Taco Burger”, try a different meat  


First Visit: January 2018 Chili Fries: Yes Location: Yeah, no inside seating but they have an easy drive-thur or you can walk   up and order Parking: Yes, they have designated spot were you can eat in your car after you drive-thur and street parking Service: Yes Return: Yes Next Visit: want to get aContinue reading “PICK-QUICK Drive In”

TNT Taqueria

First Visit: December 2017 Bacon Breakfast Burrito: Sure Avocado Crema: Sure Churro: Yes Location: Yeah Parking: Street Service: Yeah Return: Yeah Next Visit: tacos or a different burrito and a different salsa and another churro  Second Visit: January 2018 Went to go get churros, they said they had run out. very disappointing.