Food Reviews

“You are what you eat.” Well, if you ever see what looks to be a mix of burgers and chocolate soaked in beer walking around, that’s probably me.

I love food, especially the stuff that is unique and different. I wanted a resource to go to get something as simple as a yes or no, on whether a place was good enough to eat at or not. Ratings are similar but a place with 3-3.5 stars could have a really good menu item but shitty service, why do you want to scroll through a 100+ review to figure that out.

Welcome to really short food reviews!


Month Year

  • “Food”: Review
  • Location (meaning: how’s the ambiance, amount of seating, etc. (to put it simpler: would I be more comfortable eating in my car alone?)): Review
  • Parking (meaning: is there a big parking lot with plenty of spaces, small lot, or a lot of reviews will say “Street” meaning only street parking which some people don’t mind but I dislike): Review
  • Service: Review (a “Yes” is only given if the customer service experience is beyond the typical being polite and basic service you’d receive anywhere else, otherwise a “Yeah” is totally fine and really good) 
  • Return: Review
  • Next Visit: what I would like to order if I go again

Review Scale:

No, Nah, Sure, Yeah, Yes, Definitely