My Mom and her brain

I love my Mom and she is the sweetest thing ever, really, she is the most beautiful, kind, loving human I know.

Over two years ago her brain function started to noticeably* decline and has been getting worse ever since. I now live at home again with my parents and interacting with her on a daily bases again is hard, frustrating, and very sad. I’ve been interested in the health/biohacking field the last few year on a personal level and interestingly enough a lot of it relates to brain health and optimization. It’s extremely hard sitting back and watching her condition get worse and worse knowing their is now answers/hope.

I want this to be a place where I can blog, vent, and share my experiences with and about my Mom. A place with a collection of recourses on what I’ve learned, what I’m implementing, and how I’m implementing. 



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*the brain, not functioning “normally” supposedly happens years even decades before it is recognized in everyday life.