Li’l Woody’s

First Visit: December 2017

  • “The New Mexican”: Sure, felt like it was only good because of the queso
  • “Fries”: Yes
  • Ballard: Sure, uncomfortably too open, just rectangular and very boxy
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah
  • Next Visit: try a different burger so I can’t use the queso as an excuse

Second Visit: February 2018

(The start of what Li’l Woody’s calls “Seattle Burger Month 2018”. Four different burger, one per week and at the end you get an apron)

  • “Ranch Lamb Burger”: Sure, felt like the patty was just overcooked, this was the problem I had last time, that underneath the queso was a slightly overcooked patty
  • “Salted Caramel Shake”: Yes, so good, do I thank them or Full Tilt
  • Capitol Hill: Yeah, small but has an up stairs
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yes, because of burger month
  • Next Visit: the burger month burger of that week

Third Visit: February 2018

  • “Osaka Burger”: Yeah, best burger I’ve had at any Li’l Woody’s yet, the chips on it did make it feel cheap though
  • “Onion Rings”: Yes, usual not a fan of onion rings but these were really good
  • “Chipotle Mayo”: Yeah
  • South Lake Union: Yeah, in a food hall with a couple other places, also has outdoor seating if weather permits
  • Parking: Street
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yes
  • Next Visit: the next burger month special

Fourth Visit: February 2018

  • “The Oishi Pork Burger”: Yes, simple and really good: pork, mushrooms, aioli, and some greens. not busy at all when I went, this is now my favorite burger from Li’l Woody’s
  • White Center: Sure, shares space with Chinese Takeout, which makes it more open, but could remove you from the burger experience if you’re smelling Chinese food and visa versa.
  • Parking: Yeah, back-in angle
  • Service: Yeah
  • Return: Yeah, I’ll be going to the other locations more just because they are closer
  • Next Visit: the last burger month special

Fifth Visit: Ballard: February 2018

  • “The Tuxedo Burger”: Yes, so good, tie with last burger
  • “Side of Fries”: Sure, there fries have been better in pervious visits a lot of these ones were under cooked, but it still worked because all the juice and yolk from the burger make the fries good
  • Return: Yeah
  • Next Visit: different burger w/ queso fries or crack fries

Thoughts: Favorite location based on lay out and seating, it’s between SLU and Capitol Hill. SLU is not open late and does share space with two other eateries (reminds me of mall food courts) but Li’l Woody’s has the end spot with the most seating and big windows; also on nice days SLU has the most outdoor seating. Capitol Hill is open late and has up stairs seating. White Center’s shared space does give it a bigger, open feel but a simple wall down the middle would make both these spots feel independent. At Ballard, I don’t like the layout and how the order line runs down the middle of the store. Finding parking sucks at SLU, Ballard, and Capitol Hill.

Taste Talk: My last two visits were pretty positive, I wish both “The Oishi Pork Burger” and “The Tuxedo Burger” (both were so good!) could be on the menu full time except for their prices, $10 and $14. Also I think more burger places should offer a pork burger (beyond bacon) to have add variety.

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